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The Heart of the Desert

My favourite pinot noir wine when I moved back to Central Otago as an adult was Desert Heart - made on Felton Road in Bannockburn.

Felton Road should be on the Monopoly board - it sounds nice and all good things come from there.

There was a certain year Desert Heart absolutely nailed the vintage - it must have been around 2008, and eventually every last bottle disappeared off the shelves.

I walked up into the Bannockburn Sluicings this week and took a quick tour around Stewart Town beyond it. It is a place that has to been seen through all the seasons, and my favourite is in summertime when the orchard is filled with fruit.

The school holidays have taken both my children and I on shared and separate adventures. Mine included a trip to Kaka Point on the way to the Catlins. The journey was just as good as the destination...following the Clutha River right to its end point at the sea.

This week I am working on a new website with layers of information and my most challenging job yet. It is also taking me on an emotional journey, involving the struggles of early motherhood.

The client suffers post-natal anxiety but is using her chef and food preparation experience to develop a business where she can help other mothers who are finding it tough to put food on the table.

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