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Goodbye 2020 - Hello 2021...

My friend recently lent me 'The Power Of Now' to read and it has become one of the many life changing things that I can thank 2020 for. Admittedly I have been pretty good at living in the now, not dwelling on the past or thinking too much into the future, but it was the lessons about the ego that really struck a chord with me. Today I wrote a list about the things I am leaving behind and those I am bringing with me into 2021. Surprisingly there were very few things I wanted to leave behind - alcohol being one of them (except the occasional glass of $80 gin after a sample of a friends on NYE). 2020 was the start of a huge spiritual journey for me - I developed a stronger relationship with the 'Divine' through regular meditation and yoga, and found that any mind altering substances such as alcohol just intervened with that. My intuition has always been pretty strong but right now I have learned to really tap into it when I need some guidance or direction in life. Anybody who has known me as a young thing (we're talking 20s and 30s here), will know I was always a bit of an adrenaline junkie. Whether it was at at the gym, on the squash court, in the mountains or at a party revving it up. Even my work was full of adrenaline - chasing the next fire engine or running after a big scoop for the front page of the newspaper. But nowadays I lead more of a balanced life, and 2020 was responsible for making that happen - not just because of Covid-19 but also because of a few things that happened to people close to me, that made me stop and 'listen.' My beautiful mother - just shy of her 70th birthday, developed a brain tumour before Christmas. She's now recovering and full of life again - in fact so full of life I am just lost for words. Her positive attitude and sense of humour throughout the whole freaky ordeal was just soo heartening. It has brought our family closer together and reaffirmed to me what's important in life. A good attitude and the right people around you. As well as family, I'm bringing all my good friends with me into 2021 (you know who you are) as well as my wonderful Miss Wordsmith clients. I had a goal last year of finding and retaining 10 clients by the end of 2020 and I have finally achieved that. Surprisingly the final two came just a few days after my mother arrived home from hospital safe for Christmas. It was such a blessing and one that confirmed the 'Divine' was looking out for me as I walk upon my highest path in life. And lastly, I'm bringing more connection into 2021. I may live in small isolated town in Central Otago, but I have never felt more connected to the world. Covid-19 encouraged me to find more online communities of like-minded people and I have done just that. I have learnt there are always people to connect with and it doesn't have to be in person. Soo many lessons. Such a life changing year. Onwards and upwards...

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Well written Aimz

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