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Losing faith in journalism

Where do I start? I am losing faith in an industry that taught me strong values and work ethics when training to become a journalist. But watching this Covid-19 saga unfold I am starting to become disillusioned. Balance has always been number one in journalism and this means never allowing your personal opinion to get involved (unless writing a specific opinion piece), or pushing an agenda. In the early days this was tough and there were many lessons. Working in small New Zealand towns where you were living there as a resident too after awhile became tricky. But nowadays I write for a Southland news website and live in Central Otago. The balance is perfect and it's like I'm on the outside looking in - with a clear perspective. But today something really got on my nerves. A Christchurch GP started writing medical certificates for patients who couldn't get an official exemption from the Ministry of Health. Fair enough I thought. These would possibly never stand up legally but at least provide people with something to give their employer or clients if they were in business - to explain their personal situation. There was no harm done. But the journalists took it one step further and went undercover to catch her out and film it and now she looks like a complete fraudster. I'm sorry, but this is not journalism and this to me is ethically wrong. Why are people turning into narks and why are journalists pushing agenda's to get the latest stories on Covid - particularly when the people they are targeting aren't promoting the 'one-sided' Government narrative? Anti-vaxxers make interesting stories that I understand, but if I was asked to cover this story it would've been a strong NO from me.

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