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Kate Callaghan - you truely changed my life.

There were no words from Miss Wordsmith when I heard Kate Callaghan - the Holistic Nutritionist had lost her fight with cancer. No words, but plenty of tears. In fact, when I first heard the Wanaka mother and health guru was first diagnosed, I was speechless. I first met Kate when she was taking a Les Mills Pump Class and I'm sure I developed a crush because I used to go to her Les Mills Body Balance class too. This lady had it going on. So when my body stopped doing all the things it was supposed to do after endless classes, I decided to pay her a visit for some nutrition advice. She told me to stop eating gluten and to eat more good stuff. So I did. Her advice to only buy food on the perimeter of the supermarket and forget the crap in the aisles made sense. And when I was strung out from too much adrenaline she told me to lie down with my legs up against the wall and breathe - and it worked. Kate became my guru. My go to. And when I left Wanaka to move back home to Alexandra she and her family moved into the house I was renting - while they started building their dream home. Despite having 21,000 followers worldwide on social media, she would still reply to my messages if I asked her a question. But as the years went on, I couldn't help wondering, how could this young woman sustain all that attention, and be a mother to two young children, as well as a wife? Her inbox would've been constantly full and her cup overflowing, but she still managed to hold it together. Or did she? In recent months before her diagnosis, she started posting about her struggles as a mother, being strung out, and having panic attacks in the supermarket carpark. This was me five years ago. I would remind her of the advice she gave me. Legs up against the wall. Meditate, and plenty of sleep. When I saw her in Alexandra last year after she'd just been to Melbourne for work and Paris for a wedding, she looked thin and tired. I got a shock. What had happened to the strong, fit and healthy Kate? She said I just wasn't used to seeing her without her 'baby weight.' Her diagnosis came about two months later. Her cancer was terminal. It was too late. And now she's gone. And I still have no words for that. Goodbye beautiful lady. Who will I go to for advice now? You were truely one of a kind. xx

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