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Covid-19 when will you go home?

Updated: Dec 21, 2022

It has been an entire year since I last wrote a website blog - and there's a good reason for that. Can we find a new name for C...? I'm getting rather sick of it. Anyway, this virus has shocked me. The sickness and the huge number of deaths. The vaccine injuries that I have heard about and also experienced personally. The judgements made of those who refuse to be bullied into being jabbed. This virus has not only changed the world, it has changed lives. Relationships. I have plenty to say on the matter but up until now it hasn't felt safe to share. I have been labelled an anti-vaxxer by mainstream media for interviewing those who have alternative views on the issue. This virus terrifies me. It had me bedridden for days as a single mother, and unable to look after my children. But I got over it. Eventually. The vaccine also terrifies me. Media alert! I've only had the first dose (back in Sept 2021) because it left me paralysed on the floor for almost an hour. My heart rate was up around 170bpm. But I survived. It took me longer to get over that than actual Covid. Four months to be exact. Constant fatigue and then the mandates shut me completely out of society for Christmas 2021. I had to wait at the Moeraki fish and chipper outside on the road for my takeaways on my Christmas holiday while others sat and watched the sea and looked at me like a pleb. When I went to pick up my daughter from the local swimming pool in Alexandra a staff member screamed at me to "get out" like a rabid dog when I told him I didn't have a vaccine pass. But NO, I'm not an anti-vaxxer, I just had a bloody good reason to start 'investigating' whether this damn thing that was meant to save us was actually safe for everybody. My decision to not have another dose and risk cardiac arrest divided my family initially.

Both my siblings work on the medical front line and both had differing views on the vaccine. One told me to hurry up and get the full dose and the other told me they'd never speak to me again if I was permanently vaccine injured. I know marriages that have split up over it. And then there was the Parliament protest. People attended the gathering that I would NEVER have expected - business owners, professionals, etc but I made no judgement. We all have our own personal opinions, but mainstream media just dumped them in one big 'weirdo' basket. And when my unvaccinated friend took her young toddler to the event and then came home sick with Covid and spread it amongst her family, yeah I suppose I though she was a bit irresponsible. But I could also see her passion for wanting to make a difference and be part of history by standing up for herself. So am I an anti-vaxxer? I totally supported the protest initally, but when it got ugly and I watched Chantelle Baker ranting untruths like a lunatic I totally changed my tune. So why won't journalists listen to both sides? That, to me has been the biggest mystery in all of this. There is no black or white - just many shades of grey, and as the plot continues to play out and more people continue to get sick and die, we just have to remember that we are all personally involved in this.

But mainstream media just continues on with their witchhunt of anti-vaxxers. I, myself, have become the news more than once. And I'm not going to say how or why, because it was just ridiculous. I have to stop typing now because my left hand is going numb from a metacarpel fracture 20 years ago. Why is it sore now and needing therapy? I dunno. Maybe it's the vaccine. Maybe I'm just getting old. But one thing's for sure. There are more questions than answers in this C... saga. Today NZ media reported the 4th death from the vaccine. Just saying.

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