• Aimee Wilson

Covid-19 - it's still very real and very close to home.

Okay I'm the first to admit it - I could've been vaccinated from Covid-19 by now but when it was offered I ran a mile. No, I'm not an anti-vaxxer strictly speaking - I'm on the fence about it like a good impartial journalist. But in my 'community support worker' role I am required to be on the frontline, although these days I chose not to be as I'm too busy with Miss Wordsmith. The vaccinations are rolling out this week, but considering that role has been 'parked up' for awhile, I didn't see the need. Last week here in Alexandra there was a line of traffic bumper to bumper from one end of the town to the other. I have never seen the place so busy. Was it a funeral procession? And why was everyone heading to the river? Perhaps there is a public meeting happening that I don't know about? FOMO!! My GP friend who works downtown later told me it was the queue for people getting their flu jabs at one of the medical centres. I'm not going to say anymore or I might offend somebody, but I take it more people than not are into vaccinations in this town.

Back onto Covid-19 though - we all have our personal experiences in dealing with the pandemic - perhaps we've known somebody who had it, or knew someone who knew someone who had it? Or you were in Wanaka at the A&P show when somebody might have had it. Or perhaps that Hereford conference in Queenstown a long time ago now.

My brother has been in quarantine more than anybody I know. His pandemic story is still happening right now. It has become his life as a helicopter pilot in Papua New Guinea - every time he flies home to New Zealand he spends two weeks in a hotel room - with two 50 minute walks allowed every day to roam the grounds while military personnel watch his every move. And every time he flies back to work he spends another two weeks in a quarantine camp overseas. Several weeks ago his boss at Pacific Helicopters died of Covid-19. It made international news. It is still very real and very close to home. But I'm hoping this might be the last time I have to think about it for awhile.

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