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Letting loose in Lautoka.

A friend who regularly reads my blogs recently commented, “when you write, it’s like you have just woken from a dream.” I was so uplifted by that. Last week I took my two children to Fiji, and it too, was like a dream ( that I have only now just woken from). We swam, we ate & we slept. The original plan had been to explore... mud pools, hike in the national park...but once we arrived & soaked up all that sunshine, we decided relaxation was more what we needed. We changed course, deviated from

the plan and just rolled with it. Choosing to stay in Lautoka rather than the touristy Nadi and Denarau, we got to experience the real Fiji - with adventures right at our doorstep. My son saw glue sniffers & prostitutes, but also hung out at a local shopping mall with locals - families just like us, with working parents. On our last day we visited the exclusive “gated” Port Denarau where security guards patrol the entrance & locals are not allowed to go - unless they work there. We experienced both ends of the scale - I preferred Lautoka; I want to live in a world that is real, not one that is created for me.

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