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Life: it's not all just apples and oranges.

The types of jobs I get asked to do in my role of 'wordsmith' are many and varied. Web content mostly, and some basic design, but also research. Having lived in Queenstown Lakes and Central Otago on and off for many years there is plenty I have written about as a journalist, and much of that work has involved research of some sort. I have acquired a new skill, or perhaps 'honed' one that was already there. When people ask me for information, I seem to know exactly where to find it.

After researching homelessness in Central Otago I was surprised to find more people than I realised where living rough - but the rough was worse than I had imagined. People living in the elements. Inside drains (culverts), under bridges and on the steps of public buildings.

Back in my world, where I am grateful to have a roof over my head, last week I finished another new website for Clyde Hiab Services ( The business has grown hugely since it started in 2016, and now has a fleet of five trucks.

This week it's back to some journalism and a story on the BIG FRUIT in Cromwell - I'm planning to meet the original designer of the massive sculpture, Otto Muller who is now 96. But I will also be talking to cherry and wine growers about how they feel about being

left out of the fruit salad.

Winter is coming so it's best to keep busy. An apple a day might keep the doctor away, but sitting around eating pies and cheese scones on a regular basis certainly isn't doing me any favours.

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