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Don't mean to blow my own trumpet but...

It's been a fantastic month. So much has been happening.

I gained a new qualification in the health industry, graded to purple belt in Shotokan Karate, had a news feature published on Crux Media and was asked to help write the new BREEN Construction website (thanks graphic designer Sarah Philip for the opportunity!). My 9-year-old son also graded to brown belt after training for the past four years which I am very proud of, and has been throwing Mawashi Geri's and Gyaku Tsuki's for two more years than I have. Now it's time to put some 'balance' back into my life, and when I heard the 'Holistic Nutritionist' Kate Callaghan was coming to town I knew I had to be there - wherever that was. So next Thursday at Monteiths Bar in Alexandra I will be listening intently for two hours while Kate delivers a Women's Wellness seminar on nutrition, essential oils and dealing with stress for optimal hormonal health (drinking apple juice and soda water rather than wine preferably). It's all about keeping your life in balance, the ying with the yang, or else we just fall to pieces. I live for the next adrenaline rush but my body doesn't like it too much. So while I have had a fantastic month, to be honest I also feel pretty stuffed, have a really chesty cough that sounds like it ain't going away anytime soon, and seem to be able to fall asleep at any given time of the day that I'm not chasing adrenaline. It's time to "back up the truck." We'll see you next month bright and breezy (and hopefully no longer wheezy).

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