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Pluots and bottled water.

Bottled water or tap water? I'm assuming most people would choose bottled, if money wasn't an issue. But the cost of bottled water can be pricey, and from what I learned last week, not necessarily better than the stuff coming out of our kitchen tap.

Confused? Yeah so was I, until water engineering expert Russell Bond, of Alexandra explained it to me.

From what I understood, bottled water producers are regulated under the Food Act rather than the Health and Safety Act, so they don't have to jump as many hurdles. Clever. I'm not sure they even have to disclose where the water is sourced from. Somebody's kitchen sink? In which part of NZ?

Russell assured me you'd be safer drinking the stuff out of your tap, once new drinking water standards come into effect, with district councils responsible for those.

Oh, and by the way it's Pluot season in some part of the USA, and my first impression of the 'plum apricot' that arrived in supermarkets this week was a bit disappointing.

Bland flavour to match its bland name. Why couldn't they call it an Apriplum?

After sampling I realised that wouldn't work because it tastes absolutely nothing like an apricot - just a watery plum. Ponder that.

So what do Pluots and bottled water have in common? It's all about the fancy marketing.

Just my opinion.

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