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'Carnies' a huge part of Blossy Fest

It's Blossom Festival week in Alexandra and while the bees have started buzzing, there is a bit of that vibe around town as well. I love and loathe this festival to be honest, because it can be a pretty full-on weekend when you have two excited children wanting to spend all your money on sugar and hot dogs ( honestly, who actually came up with the idea of selling fried meat on a stick anyway?) And then after that you get to fill your handbag with crappy $2 toys the kids have won and now abandoned, from the sideshows. Last year I had to laugh when my 8-year-old son won a set of fake boobs shooting lots of ducks in a row - I kid you not. Who in their right mind gives a school child stuff like that?..the 'carnies' do. I will remember that day forever, and keep that story tucked away for his 21st birthday. I still have 'Blossom' my first teddy that I won from popping ping pong balls into the mouths of scary clowns, when I was just 3. Oh the memories. But the best part of blossy fest has to be the grand parade and the floats. I think at 41 I am still gutted I never actually made it onto one myself as a happy smiling princess - but it's nice to see those that are a part of it so proud of their creations year after year. Long live blossy fest! Let's hope they bring back the senior blossom queen event so I still have a chance

in 20 years. LOL!

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