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Ad-hoc Soup

My left hand has 24kg of grip strength and my right hand has 40kg. I knew the left was lacking but recently it has left me with very little power, and a trip to the doctor after feeling nauseous every time I used it revealed I have nerve damage. I'm not sure whether it's from karate training, or swinging a hockey stick for the first time in 20+ years, but it's time for a rest from anything strenuous.

When the chips are down I turn to soup. Last weekend I trialled a new recipe - except I couldn't quite remember the exact ingredients. So I called it Ad-Hoc Soup. because it was the most impromptu, improvised, thrown together brew I have ever made. There was a ham hock boiled up, some split peas and the rest is not worth the description. It was a little bland which surprised me. I thought a salty old pig's foot would have have plenty of flavour. Anyway, there is not much Wordsmithing going on while I try and rest the left side of me

. It's pretty hard to touch type with only one good hand.

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